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Our aim is to provide low risk, flexible retirement choices at the lowest possible cost


The old alternatives for retirees

A ball and chain on a white background. Very high resolution 3D render.Lifetime Annuities have historically been the only choice for the majority of retirees – they offer the benefit of a guaranteed income for life but the disadvantage of being inflexible.


street-sign-663366_1280Pension Drawdown has historically only been an option for wealthier retirees – it offers the benefit of high levels of flexibility but normally has investment risk and can attract high charges.


Our new drawdown alternatives for retirees

balance-716342_1280The Cash Retirement Account offers an alternative because it balances the best of both worlds – the flexibility offered by Pension Drawdown with the certainty offered by only investing your money in cash deposits.

The Select Retirement Account offers an alternative because it offers you the ability to combine the certainty of cash investments with the long term growth potential of asset backed investments within the same SIPP.

Why might this appeal to you?

Certainty – because the cash element of our plans only invest in cash deposits with banks covered by the FSCS and with National Savings and Investments so you know at outset exactly what benefits will be provided.


Your cash is protected – because all of the banks that Assured Retirement invest with are participants in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and we only invest your client’s cash up to the maximum FSCS limit with any single bank. NS&I are not participants in the FSCS but your money is 100% secure as they are backed by HM Treasury.


High flexibility – because our products have been designed to offer the broadest range of options and benefits possible so they can be tailored to suit your needs.


Low Cost – because we have modern on-line systems which eliminate many of the costly paper processes normally associated with pensions. We disclose our annual charge on every personal quotation. It’s typically around 0.8% per annum, depending on your investment amount, account term and income specified.


Optimised return on your cash – because we operate a panel of Institutions and the mixture of accounts will be selected so that the interest you earn is maximised.


Tax saving opportunities – because the phasing of pension payments over a period enables every individual to make the most of their personal and basic rate income tax allowances.


How can I find out more?

A comprehensive range of information and documents are available to view or download from our Client Zone. These include a wide range of external links, product details, case studies and technical documents. We have attached a selection of these below:


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